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Success-Story - LH-GTH

Greater foot room due to additional actuation device

Customer_bearThe Customer

An international company with the five divisions offering automation technology, engineering, industrial service, industrial trade and technology, which offers solutions and tailored services for process automation, control technology, industrial maintenance and industrial supplies.


Challenge_bearThe Challenge

The customer manufactures switchgear in control cabinets, which pass through several production areas in the course of production. To transport the systems from one location to another, the cabinets are placed on rolling frames, which were previously equipped with LH-GTH 100K-1-ST castors. To secure and release the frames, employees have to operate the brake lever while wearing protective footwear. The process of releasing the brake lever in the confined space of the frame while wearing safety footwear was especially problematic, as in its braked state the ST lever is relatively close to the floor due to the small diameter of the wheel. An increase in the installation height of the castor was not acceptable to the customer, so that an ideal stop lock was not possible.



Our Solution

In order to reach the brake lever more easily, our designers developed an additional stirrup, which is attached to the locking device. This robust steel lever is angled further up and creates sufficient space for workers to release the lever when the lock is actuated – even when wearing safety footwear.



Product advantages and technical information LH-GTH 100K-1-ST-901101:
• Robust, impact resistant LH series bracket.
• Easy operation of the locking pedal with steel stirrup
• Great operational comfort due to the heavy duty wheel with Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread