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Success Story - LH-ALST

Softhane® meets new ergonomic guidelines for automotive manufacturers


The Customer

One of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. Due to a global commitment to improve their ergonomic guidelines, the company’s production plant was given the task of improving and optimizing internal logistics.

Trennlinie Challenge_bearb

The Challenge

The new ergonomic guidelines demand excellent maneuverability of the carts. This can be achieved through the optimization of the starting, rolling, and swivel resistance. In addition the noise level of the carts must also be reduced. The previous rubber wheels did not adhere to the new ergonomic guidelines.

Trennlinie Solution_bearb

Our Solution

As both Softhane® and Besthane® Soft were suitable solutions for the tread in-depth analysis, tests and trials were performed. The test results were almost identical so the customer decided to use Softhane® due to the budget that was available for the project.

To reduce the swivel resistance, the offset of the bracket had to be increased. Additionally an exaggerated convex crowned tread was developed to create the optimum product.

Product Advantages and Technical Information LH-ALST 160K-739908 and BH-ALST 160K-739909:

• High quality polyurethane Blickle Softhane®, hardened to 75° Shore A to reduce the starting and rolling resistance. • Blickle LH/BH heavy duty brackets made of pressed steel.
• Reduction of the swivel resistance due to the crowned tread and an increase in the offset of the swivel bracket. • Blickle LH Swivel bracket with double ball bearing in the swivel head, four hardened bearing seats, very strong bolted and secured central kingpin.