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Success-Story - LH-ALBS-100K-1-FI

LH-ALBS 100K-1-FI for non-marking transport with high driving comfort

The Customer

A cart manufacturer who provides services in the field of machine shifting, maintenance, pressing technology, lifting gear and lifting technology, sheet machining and steel construction.


Challenge_bearThe Challenge

The end customer, a manufacturer of car headlights, moves transport carts for headlight parts as part of the manufacturing process. At present, these carts have casters with standard solid rubber wheels. However, the load capacity of the casters is no longer sufficient due to the relatively larger and heavier headlights. In addition, the material of the casters leaves marks on the new brightly colored industrial floor of the production halls.
The requirement was to find a caster with a suitable wheel that could bear the heavy load, did not leave marks, had good damping characteristics and had the best possible rolling and swiveling function.



Solution_bearOur Solution

Our sales team suggested the heavy-duty pressed steel swivel caster: LH/BH-ALBS 100K-1-FI. With its higher load capacity, high dynamic load rating, much lower rolling resistance, and non-marking tread, this Blickle Besthane® Soft caster fulfils the requirements described above with ease.

After sample molding and successful tests, the cart is now ready exactly as the customer wanted. The cart manufacturer has now specified to use only Blickle LH/BH-ALBS casters.



Product advantages and technical information LH-ALBS 100K-1-FI:
• High load capacity with a compact design
• Improved rolling resistance through increased rebound of the tread material as compared to solid rubber wheels
• Good swivel resistance through strong radius of the tread
• Non Marking
• 75 ° Shore A