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Success-Story - LH-ALBS

Heavy-duty casters with special foot protector for the automotive industry

The Customer

Develops, designs, and installs customized solutions for transport systems, handling, and maintenance of vehicle components.


Challenge_bearThe Challenge

One of the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry converted the transport of its auto-cabin, previously performed using forklifts, to an automated transport system (ATS). The transport carts and conveyor technology had to be modified accordingly. This project required close cooperation between the end customer, the cart manufacturer, and Blickle. To maximize the battery life of the ATS, the casters needed to face as little rolling resistance as possible. Also the casters needed to avoid, whenever possible, running over pieces of metal, like screws, washers, and other such material, laying on the ground so as not to impair automated transport using the ATS. Also the available installation space was very limited since the ATS had to be integrated together with the carts into existing conveyor technology.



Solution_1_bearOur Solution

Besthane® Soft was selected as the tread to conserve the batteries of the ATS devices as much as possible through the least amount of rolling resistance. The wheel diameter of 6 inches was a good compromise of a compact design, adequately high load-bearing capacity, and – in connection with the tried and tested LH bracket series – a long lifespan. These properties are necessary since the casters cover several thousands of miles a year in three-shift operation. In addition our engineers designed a foot protector having a brush, which pushes pieces of metal to the side. This feature always keeps the travel path of the wheels clear and prevents the vehicle from having to overcome obstacles.  Solution_2_bear


Product advantages and technical information LH-ALBS 150K-FSB:
• The Blickle Besthane Soft polyurethane elastomer tread optimized for rolling resistance ensures the highest possible battery life of the ATS devises.
• The foot protector with integrated brush prevents the automated transport from being impaired from having to roll over pieces of metal.
• The heavy-duty bracket made of heavy formed steel of the LH series with four hardened bearing raceways and the impact absorbing soft polyurethane tread are perfectly aligned to meet the high demands of the application and provide extremely long operational life in three-shift operation.