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Success Story - L-PTH 100K-ELS-FS

PTH castors with all-round brush foot guard


The Customer

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Trennlinie Challenge_bearb

The Challenge

The company uses special transport trolleys in its production to automatically supply small parts at the assembly line. In the past, the customer used our L-PTH 100K-ELS with an all-round polyurethane foot guard to remove small parts and contamination on the floor. The PU wiper on the caster was mounted just 1 mm above the floor. However, unevenness in the floor sometimes caused the foot guard to get caught, resulting in the risk of the transport trolleys tipping over.

Trennlinie Solution_bearb

Our Solution

We created a sample of an L-PTH castor with foot guard that includes an all-round brush. This brush grazes the floor, thus removing small parts and obstructions. In addition, the all-round brush optimally compensates for unevenness in the floor and prevents any obstructions from getting under the wheel, even when changing direction. In general, this special solution could be adapted for other bracket series. (On request)

L-PTH 100K-ELS-FS product advantages & technical information:

• Galvanized foot guard with all-round brush which accommodates uneven floors, thus improving the stability of transport trolleys. • Electrically conductive and non-staining PTH wheel
• Wheels with treads made of injection-molded polyurethane, hardness 98° shore A • Load capacity: 330 lb. each.