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Hydraulic levelling casters from Blickle

Blickle supplies hydraulic levelling casters to a joinery

The clientIMG_5185

…is named Wolz and is located in Waldtann, in the district of Schwäbisch Hall. Founded in 1800, the joinery has developed into a company that combines traditional craftsmanship with the range of a modern furniture supplier. Doors, windows and interior fittings round off the range of products.

TrennlinieThe challenge

The company builds counters which are used for the presentation of new products, for example. Warming containers, beverages and buffet platters are sometimes transported and presented on the counters. The challenge is to move the counters quickly and conveniently from one location to another.

As well as this, the casters should remain concealed in the background and not be prominently visible. The customer wanted a solution that was both unobtrusive and yet easy to operate.

The empty weight of the counter is about 400 kg. The kitchen equipment and food containers add up to 200 kg, depending on the needs.

Trennlinie Hydraulische Heberollen Seit

The solution

Blickle levelling casters are designed to meet the highest demands for applications in industrial intralogistics. Generally, each levelling caster on a table must be operated individually. The Blickle levelling caster set with a hydraulic pump provides an alternative with even greater operating convenience and time savings. The hydraulic pump enables simultaneous lifting of all of the levelling casters which are combined in the set.

A further advantage of the hydraulic levelling caster set is the separation of the operating and the lifting units. This enables the hydraulic pump to unobtrusively actuate the lifting function of the casters. The casters can therefore be concealed behind the cladding to meet the design objectives of the presentation counter. Trennlinie

The result

• Central, simultaneous lifting of all of the levelling casters installed in the set by means of a hydraulic pump saves time and effort.
• Separation of the actuation and lifting units enables the levelling casters to be concealed behind the counter cladding.
• Very little force required.
• The hand crank for the hydraulic pump can be folded back as necessary.
• The hydraulic pump can lift a maximum load of 750 kg.


Technical information and advantages - SET HRLK-PATH 100KF-HYD:
• Ergonomic and user-friendly levelling caster operation.
• Transforms mobile equipment into stable work surfaces.
• Silent height adjustment.
• Quiet movement and good floor surface preservation thanks to wheels with thermoplastic polyurethane tread (TPU).