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Success-Story - HRLSDFE-ALST

Spring-loaded leveling caster for safe transport and secure footing of delicate transport goods

CustomerThe Customer

A leading manufacturer of automobiles and utility vehicles worldwide.


The Challenge

The customer was in search of a compact spring-loaded twin wheeled caster for a transport and assembly cart, on which components for producing new vehicles and assemblies could be safely transported. These delicate parts should be protected from jounces during the transport with an integrated suspension. For static use, for instance, while carrying out test procedures, the caster system should have additional adjustable floor locks that allow lifting and positioning of the cart. The cart weight when empty is approximately 1500 pounds and about 2900 pounds when loaded. While transporting atwalking speed, obstacles of up to ¼” must be crossed.



SolutionOur Solution

The Blickle levelling caster series HRLSD was the basis for the new caster. In order to embed a spring into a levelling caster, our engineers replaced the original adjustment screw for additional mounting height adjustment with a polyurethane spring element with a hardness of 80° Shore A. An even better shock absorption function can be obtained, depending on the type of use, by using a softer polyurethane spring element. For additional shock absorption, our ALST 125/15K wheel with the soft polyurethane tread (Blickle Softhane®) is used.



Product advantages and technical information HRLSDFE-ALST 125K-921107:
• Combination of spring-loaded heavy duty casters along with a low mounting height and integrated truck lock
• Careful transport of delicate goods by good shock absorption
• High load capacity
• Excellent footing, even in applications which cause vibration
• Large adjustment range of the truck lock