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Success-Story - HRLSD-SPO

Levelling Caster for Levelling a Unit


The Customer

A company that started out making bolts and screws but is now a manufacturer of milling machines. More than 22,000 of its machines have been installed worldwide.



The company is currently developing a new milling machine which is made up of multiple assembly units. These units are delivered individually to the customer, where they are then put together.

The tool changer is equipped with levelling casters so that it can be positioned precisely, relative to the milling machine. The truck locks are levelled once the tool changer has been set up in the desired position. The four levelling casters must support a total weight of around three tons.


Our Solution

We decided to use a twin levelling caster because each levelling caster has to support a weight of one ton. The welded steel housing ensures that the solution has the necessary level of stability. Heavy duty nylon wheels were used to optimize cost efficiency. These wheels are particularly adept at handling heavy loads.

The wheels are lowered using the small levelling screw on the housing when transporting the unit. (The screw on the right in the CAD drawing). Once the tool changer is in the right place, the truck locks are extended and fine-tuned. The small levelling screw is then used to raise the wheels so that all of the weight rests on the truck locks. This makes it possible to move the foot by a total of 40 millimeters.

Product Advantages and Technical Information HRLSD-SPO 125K-907405:

• Truck lock makes sure the machine is secure. • Robust welded steel housing with a ball bearing and a tapered roller bearing in the swivel head.
• Separate levelling screw for raising and lowering the wheel. • Heavy duty nylon wheels for high load capacities.
• Load capacity of one ton per caster.