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Success Story - HBW

Pallet truck rollers with Besthane® tread 96° shore A

Success-Story-14-Customer The Customer

One of the leading manufacturers of industrial trucks that offers a wide range of forklifts, rack feeders and devices for warehouse technology. The company markets its products around the world.


Success-Story-14-Challenge The Challenge

Wheels from our competitors have been used for many years on a range of electric high-lift forklifts. Vehicle tests discovered that capsizing risk of these high-lift devices is unsatisfactory. This is why the vehicles were subjected to a thorough, costly check of the capsizing risk. An increase in the resistance against tilt could only be achieved through a new vehicle design or with special pallet truck rollers. The previous manufacturers were not able to provide a solution.


Success-Story-14-Solution Our Solution

We designed and created samples of special HBW series pallet truck rollers with Blickle Besthane® treads in the sizes 85x113 and 85x88 with a hardness of 96° shore A and a special tread pattern. The excellent shock absorption values produced in our test lab have been confirmed by our customer in practical tests. By using the Blickle Besthane® pallet truck rollers, the manufacturer can achieve improvement results of up to 50% in stability compared to the 92° shore A wheels from the competition. The complete vehicle series is now equipped with the Blickle HBW rollers.

HBW 85x113/25-115K and HBW 85x88/25-89K product advantages and technical information:

• Variable shore hardness with Blickle Besthane®. • Very favorable shock absorption values, thus resulting in a high level of resistance against tilt for the vehicle.
• High abrasion resistance. • Load capacities: HBW 85x113/25-115K: 1,000 kg at 6 km/h HBW 85x88/25-89K: 780 kg at 6 km/h