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Success Story - GTH-AS

GTH 182/25K-AS for internal transport with tugger trains


The Customer

The customer is a company in the industrial truck, warehousing and material flow technology sector.


The Challenge

The heavy duty wheels are used under E-frames for transporting loads. The frames are coupled to a tractor unit to form a tugger train. With this tugger train transport system the driver can insert the load carriers, for example pallets or roller containers into the load carrier, i.e. the E-frame, at ground level. During travel, the load carriers are raised by up to 62 millimeters with an electro-hydraulic lift which is actuated with a foot pedal. Therefore only the casters of the E-frames are in contact with the ground. At the destination, the employee can withdraw the automatically lowering laden load carrier from the tugger train, roll it to the workplace and replace the empty carrier.

The E-frame trailer can carry loads of up to 1,200 kilograms. Two heavy duty wheels are required for each trailer. Depending on the tractor vehicle and the trailer load, the speed of travel is up to 15 km/h.


The heavy duty wheels must fulfil the following special requirements:
• Heavy loads
• Short break times (almost continuous operation)
• High travelling speeds
• Requirement for long battery run time and therefore reduced starting and rolling resistance
• Smooth running and damping
• High demands on process reliability
• Protection of employees against anti-static discharge on touching the tugger train frame

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Our Solution

Wheels with polyurethane treads have proven to be especially successful in the field of intralogistics. The antistatic version of the GTH wheel series with Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane treads and robust cast wheel center is therefore ideal for such applications.

The product characteristics of the GTH 182/25K-AS wheel are ideally suited to the requirements for intralogistics applications:
Rolling resistance: Low rolling resistance due to high rebound elasticity of the Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane elastomer.
Load capacity: The tread material has a high compression strength and therefore a comparatively high load capacity.
Antistatic version: Discharging electric charge to the ground via the conductive tread guarantees that employees are protected against electrostatic discharge. Conductivity is achieved by adding a conductive salt to the pre-polymer

Product advantages & technical information GTH 182/25K-AS:

• Robust wheel center made of grey cast iron with cast
• Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread
• Low rolling resistance due to high rebound elasticity
• High load capacity of 1,100 kg per wheel
• Antistatic version prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge