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Success Story - FSTH

FSTH 60x20/20-12K in use in automated warehouse systems for pharmacies

The Customer

A specialist in the field of mechanical engineering and automation technology. The manufacturer develops, produces, and sells solutions for the efficient automation of the warehouse of small products with high complexity, quantities, and diversity on an administrative and production area of nearly 4,000 square meters.

The Challenge

The guide rollers are mounted on a carriage system for small containers, which is moved on rails in an automated warehouse system for pharmacy needs. The customer had previously used the same model of rollers from a competitor, but there were considerable problems with the quality of these rollers since the tread kept coming off. This situation created very high costs for the customer.

Our Solution

Due to the extreme problems with its previous supplier, the customer came to us with a request for the same model of roller. The offer and the prototype of the standard guide roller FSTH 60x20/20-12K were provided quickly and reliably. The tests produced positive results, and the customer was very satisfied with the prototype rollers. Within a short time the customer switched all of its rollers to Blickle rollers.

Product advantages of and technical information of FSTH 60x20/20-12K:

• Blickle Extrathane® treads made of high-quality, reaction-injected polyurethane elastomer
• Very good chemical bond of tread to steel wheel body through rigorous pretreatment of the wheel body prior to the injection process
• Excellent mechanical properties and high durability of the Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane elastomer as requirement for high reliability and process safety of the wheels the customer uses