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Success Story - FSB series

Blickle Guide Rollers for Outdoor Applications

Success-Story-5-CustomerThe Customer

One of the leading manufacturers in the rail & energy technologies, aerospace, and automotive industries. Expertise in design, production, and consulting in power transmission enables our customer to be a major player within various industries and applications.

Trennlinie  Success-Story-5-Challenge

The Challenge

The guide rollers required will be operated around-the-clock, and will be subjected to extreme weather conditions. Salt-air causes problems with hydrolysis-resistance when using standard products such as Vulkollan wheels.

Trennlinie  Success-Story-5-Solution

Our Solution

We made a guide roller that will endure and perform in harsh weather, long usage, and salt-air. The FSB range is available in Ø 80 mm and 125 mm with steel cores and with our high-quality Blickle Besthane® tread. This new product has been successfully tested with our customer under the harshest conditions. The end result is a fully tested and approved product ready for use.

Product Advantages and Technical Information for the FSB series:

• Reaction-injected Besthane® tread • 92° Shore A Hardness
• High chemical resistance in salt-laden air • Heat resistance: - 15°F to + 160°F
• Hydrolysis resistance • Maintenance-free operation
• Very high abrasion resistance • Sealed ball bearings with long-life grease
• Low-noise and very low rolling resistance