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Heat-Resistant Heavy Duty Nylon Wheel


The Customer

A global plastics group that was originally a rubber factory. Nowadays, its products include dampening and sealing systems, as well as tires for commercial vehicles. The off-shore division produces polymer-based solutions for the oil and gas industry, as well as the construction sector.

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The Challenge

The company is building a new line of pipe and needs heat-resistant casters to produce the pipes. The pipes are made of steel with a polyurethane jacket in the central area. The pipes are tempered at 176° F for eight hours and the wheels support the pipes while they are in the furnace. The pipes are processed on the casters after tempering and must be able to rotate. Each pipe weighs about 6.7 tons. Heat-resistant steel wheels cannot be used because they would scratch the surface.

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Our Solution

Blickle engineers chose a version of the SPO Series wheel. The wheels were injection-molded using a heat-resistant plastic granulate. Granulate is a heat stabilized nylon with a glass fiber content of 30 percent. This material is ideally suited for use at 176° F without scratching the finish on the pipe. The heat-resistant nylon wheels are installed into a welded steel rigid that can be used in temperatures up to 212° F.

Product Advantages & Technical Information BSD-SPOH 256K-06953 with SPOH 256/35K Wheel:

• Robust welded steel twin rigid casters with zinc-plated, yellow-passivated housing. • Application: Distributing the total weight of 6.7 ton over four sets of twin rigid casters.
• Wheel made of glass fiber reinforced heat stabilized nylon, suitable for use at a temperature of 176° F for eight hours.