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Success Story - ALEV-SG-AS

New wheel version for the use in sensitive environments


The Customer

Antistatic wheels and casters are used as important system components, especially in the sectors medical technology, the electrical and semiconductor industry, the automotive industry, as well as hospitals.

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The Challenge

The wheels and casters are preferred for use on transport units. They prevent electrostatic discharges caused by both the transport unit as well as the material that is transported, which may damage sensitive goods or may injure the operator of the transport unit.

Up to now, it was accepted that only black “antistatic” tires were offered on the market. However, these leave undesirable black stains on many floor surfaces. Above all, in sectors with high hygiene requirements, such as hospitals, these stains resulted in increased cleaning work and therefore increased costs.

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Our Solution

For its ALEV wheel series, Blickle has developed an antistatic version with non-marking grey tires made of elastic solid rubber. The combination of these properties is a genuine innovation in the field of wheels with rubber tires. The wheels not only reduce the risk of injury and damage, but also improve cleanliness in their work area.

With a hardness of 65° Shore A and 107 Ohm leak resistance as specified by the standard, these wheels do not leave any stains.

The elastic solid rubber tires are based on a special rubber mixture. With all of their positive characteristics such as vibration absorbance, good floor preservation and high load capacity, good operational comfort as well as resistance to many aggressive substances, these wheels are not only suitable for sensitive environments, but also for a wide range of applications. The new wheel version is available with diameters of 100, 125, 160, 200 and 250 millimeters.

Product Advantages and Technical Information ALEV-SG-AS:

• Antistatic version with a leak resistance of max. 107 Ohm
• Non-marking grey tires made of elastic solid rubber with a hardness of 65° Shore A
• Good operational comfort with relatively high load capacity