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Success-Story - ALBS/FSTH

Heavy duty wheel ALBS 82/15K and guide roller FSTH 50X18/17-10K

The Customer

Specializes in the production and supply of technology for glazing and decorating ceramic tiles.


Challenge_bearThe Challenge

The customer previously used wheels with a polyurethane tread to guide the motor unit of their digital printers on the tiles. These wheels wore down significantly during production. The printing unit that the wheels are attached to moves back and forth on steel rails at a high speed, 24 hours a day. Each motor is fitted with eight load wheels and four guide rollers. The weight of the motor is supported by the eight load wheels. The four guide rollers keep the motor unit in the required position.

Success-Story-31-Solution-1Our Solution

We recommended using the Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane tread (ALBS 82/15K) to support the weight of the motor. This elastic tread is particularly abrasion resistant and does not heat up much when exposed to high dynamic loads. It also absorbs vibrations. Our tread reduced the rolling resistance and completely eliminated the vibrations which were previously transferred from the belt motor to the machines. At a speed of approximately 8.6 mph and acceleration/deceleration of 9.8 feet/s2, the Blickle Besthane® Soft solution guaranteed a starting resistance of <30 N and a rolling resistance of <20 N. This solution also reduced the amount of electricity used by the system.Success-Story-31-Solution-2

We recommended using FSTH 50X18/17-10K with a Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread with a shore hardness of 92° Shore A for the lower guide rollers. Following a successful trial, we received the go-ahead to kit out additional machines.



Product advantages and technical information ALBS:
• High-quality Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane tread with 75° Shore A for vibration absorption
• Low rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity, and high abrasion-resistance

• High-quality Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread with 92° Shore A