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Case Studies

  • LKDG-PATH 100K-FI-GS10 & BKD-PATH 100K-GS10 | Blickle MOVE Casters

    Combination of MOVE swivel casters with specially designed MOVE fixed casters

    The founders of Gastguard developed a mobile modular cutlery dispensing system for the gastronomy sector due to the generally poor level of hygiene provided by a traditional cutlery tray. They came up with a safe and hygienic way to provide guests with knives, forks and spoons well before the coronavirus pandemic.

  • LSD-GTH 302K-RAH-RI4H | Hydro aviation

    Moving heavy engines safely

    Blickle’s challenge was to design casters for stands used to transport jet engines. These stands are used to transport heavy engines so that they can be reinstalled after maintenance and repair work.

  • LH-ALTH 160K-AS | Blickle ErgoMove drive system

    Blickle ErgoMove drive system optimises processes

    A supplier provides detergent containers to BSH pre-assembled. These heavy components are a vital part of any washing machine drum. The company previously used HGV’s and forklift trucks to transport the components to the production line.

  • Heavy duty welded steel swivel castors used for sweeper suitable for outdoor use

    From potato harvesters to spreaders, spraying equipment and ploughs: Zonderland Constructie B.V., based in Joure, Holland, specialises in manufacturing high-quality agricultural equipment.

  • Buggy board with the highest level of operational comfort

    Bavaria-based Angelcab GmbH specialises in the manufacture of push chairs and accessories.

  • Hydraulic levelling casters from Blickle

    The company builds counters which are used for the presentation of new products, for example. Warming containers, beverages and buffet platters are sometimes transported and presented on the counters.

  • Electric drive system – Blickle ErgoMove 1000 in use

    Gossau-based Cromatech develops and manufactures systems and equipment for a number of different applications, including equipment for maintaining and servicing railways and trams.

  • Flexible and safe on rails or road

    The customer is a major Swiss manufacturer of fire brigade vehicles and motorised spray systems. In the 30+ years of its existence, the company has delivered more than 900 vehicles.

  • Low emission special cleanroom caster made by Blickle

    The customer is a major player in the semiconductor technology industry, develops and manufactures equipment used in the production of microchips. The international company had a turnover of 972 million euros in the 2015/2016 financial year.

  • A clean solution

    The customer is an Austria-based manufacturer of vehicles and machinery used for urban hygiene, with a focus on street cleaning and sewer cleaning.

  • The all-rounder

    The customer Bedrunka+Hirth is one of Germany‘s leading manufacturers of equipment and manual workstation systems.

  • Smooth and stable – even under heavy loads

    The customer is a specialist in the field of plastic extrusion and a leading global provider of plastic panels and plastic profile systems for windows, doors and roller shutters based in Germany.

  • Optimal manoeuvrability at a low noise level

    The customer is a Czech car and engine manufacturer that belongs to a German automotive group.

  • The perfect combination – a tailored solution at an attractive price

    The customer is the leading US manufacturer of carts for the storage and transport of retail goods

  • Soft wheels for low-noise transport

    The client is a traditional German bakery which was established in 1898. The business is now a renowned training institution with 25 specialty stores and its own catering service.

  • Absolutely reliable – even at high seas

    The client is an American marine robotics corporation that designs, manufactures and sells the Wave Glider, a wave and solar powered unmanned surface vehicle.

  • Success Story - GB340

    The customer is located in the south of Sweden.

  • Success Story - GSPO

    The customer builds and operates high voltage and low voltage systems and provides power for roads, rails, and air traffic systems throughout Norway and Sweden.

  • Success Story - LKDG-PATH

    The customer is a German manufacturer of mobile functional furniture for the healthcare sector, and is a market leader in the segment.

  • Success Story - LHD-ALST and BHD-ALST

    The customer: SBB (Die Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen) is the national railway company of Switzerland, based in the nation’s capital Bern.

  • Success Story - LSZF-PATH

    The customer is a Spanish company founded in 1994.

  • Success Story - GB500x80

    The customer is a German company established in 1951.

  • Success Story - LX-POBS and BX-POBS

    The customer is an Australian statewide organization established to provide high-quality services to support the delivery of patient care.

  • Success Story - STHN

    The customer is a Danish company which was established in 2005.

  • Success Story - L-ALTH

    The customer is a listed American online mail order company with a varied product range.

  • Success Story - SE

    The customer is a company headquartered in Ireland that provides creative and technical solutions for film and television projects worldwide.

  • Success Story - LSD-GTH

    The client is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry.

  • Success Story - POB

    The client is a food manufacturer based in the US.

  • Success Story - GSTN and LO-GTH

    The client is a manufacturer of powered access lifts and develops 100% of them at the headquarters in Great Britain.

  • Success Story - LSFE-ALST

    The client is a German automobile group, and has been one of the top manufacturers of premium cars and sports cars for several years.

  • Success Story - FALBN

    The client: The Austria-based company has been developing and manufacturing intralogistics solutions for 15 years.

  • Success Story - LSFN

    The customer has 250 loading platforms on casters, guaranteeing the delivery of finished products from the oven to various storage locations, finishing operations and shipping. These transfers are made on a continuous basis.

  • Success Story - HRLSDFE-ALST

    The customer was in search of a compact spring-loaded twin wheeled caster for a transport and assembly cart, on which components for producing new vehicles and assemblies could be safely transported.

  • Success-Story-LH-ALBS-100K

    Success Story - LH-ALBS 100K-1-FI

    The end customer, a manufacturer of car headlights, moves transport carts for headlight parts as part of the manufacturing process.

  • Success-Story-LH-ALBS

    Success Story - LH ALBS

    One of the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry converted the transport of its auto-cabin, previously performed using forklifts, to an automated transport system (ATS). The transport carts and conveyor technology had to be modified accordingly.

  • Success-Story-LHF-ALBS

    Success Story - LHF-ALBS

    Carts are used for internal transport. Dirt sticks to the treads causing tracks in the factory.

  • Success-Story-LH-GTH

    Success Story - LH-GTH

    The customer manufactures switchgear in control cabinets, which pass through several production areas in the course of production.

  • Success-Story - LIX-POTH

    The sensitive products are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment and must in some cases be cooled down to -76 °F. This is done in specially designed cold storage rooms, where the goods are stored on cage carts – in some cases for several months.

  • Success-Story-LK-SPO_BK-SPO

    Success Story - LK-SPO 125K and BK-SPO 125K-1

    The customer has developed a special transport system for moving pallets at locations where no lift trucks, forklifts or heavy duty carts are available.

  • Success Story - LPA-TPO

    The company produces several hundreds of thousands of trolleys and the corresponding plastic stacking boxes for a large clothing chain. The re-ordered goods are delivered to the stores on the carts. At under 110 lbs, the load on the cart is minimal. As a result, light duty casters can be implemented without any problems.

  • Success Story - LPFE-ALTH

    The customer is looking for the right support casters for an outdoor device mounting, a road sweeping machine.

  • Success Story - LSD-GST

    The casters are used to move a simulation portal crane, which has a weight of more than 5.5 tons.

  • Success Story - LSD-GBS

    The client needs casters with a safe braking system when developing a new autonomous, intelligent, self-organizing DTS (driverless transport system).

  • Success Story - POEV

    To achieve the required properties of smooth rolling characteristics and elasticity at wheel revs of approx. 550 rpm and a load of almost 440 lbs, we used our specially developed wheels, POEV 71/10K-758279, for this application.

  • Success Story - SPKTHN

    The customer needed a reliable wheel to guide the component holders on the conveyor belts. They were also looking for a way to implement a drive concept while taking the space restrictions and high temperatures of the furnace into consideration.

  • Success-Story-ALBS_FSTH

    Success Story - ALBS-FSTH

    The customer is specializes in the production and supply of technology for glazing and decorating ceramic tiles.

  • Success-Story-LIXSPO

    Success Story - LIX-SPO

    The customer has established a new process for treating components on carts in a vacuum plasma system.

  • Success-Story-RI

    Success Story - RI

    An international medium-sized company specializing in intelligent storage logistics and modular rack systems. The end customer is an automotive manufacturer who commissioned an easy to handle trolley for operation in various factories.

  • Success-Story-GTH-AS

    Success Story - GTH-AS

    The heavy duty wheels are used under E-frames for transporting loads. The frames are coupled to a tractor unit to form a tugger train.

  • Success-Story-ALEV-SG-AS

    Success Story - ALEV-SG-AS

    Antistatic wheels and casters are used as important system components, especially in the sectors medical technology, the electrical and semiconductor industry, the automotive industry, as well as hospitals.

  • Success-Story-LK-SPO

    Success Story - LK-SPO

    The Construction division primarily comprises the market cultivation of construction companies and craftsmen as well as the direct supply of service boxes and service stations to construction sites.

  • Success-Story-SPKGSPOA

    Success Story - SPKGSPOA

    The customer developed a road-rail vehicle with an unprecedented drive concept that is suitable for both rails and streets.

  • Success-Story-LS-SVS

    Success Story - LS-SVS

    Since the Blickle extra heavy-duty solid steel casters offer ideal starting and rolling resistance values, the customer wanted to continue using our SVS casters.

  • Success-Story_HRLSD_SPO

    Success Story - HRLSD-SPO

    A company that started out making bolts and screws but is now a manufacturer of milling machines. The company is currently developing a new milling machine which is made up of multiple assembly units.

  • Success-Story-GTH

    Success Story - GTH

    The customer is one of the largest metal construction companies that is also very active in the bridge construction sector.

  • Success-Story-FSTH

    Success Story - FSTH

    The manufacturer develops, produces, and sells solutions for the efficient automation of the warehouse of small products with high complexity, quantities, and diversity on an administrative and production area...

  • Success-Story-LRA-TPA

    Success Story - LRA-TPA

    A manufacturer of material logistics systems. More precisely, the product range consists of plug-in piping systems, roller rails, transport units and FTS (driverless transport systems).

  • Success-Story-FPU

    Success Story - FPU

    The problem with the polyamide wheels was that the delivery times were too long and the failure rate was very high.

  • Success-Story_LK-POTH

    Success Story - LK-POTH

    A manufacturer of motor vehicles. The parent company includes 12 vehicle brands and employs over a half million staff worldwide,

  • Success-Story-HBW

    Success Story - HBW

    One of the leading manufacturers of industrial trucks that offers a wide range of forklifts, rack feeders and devices for warehouse technology.

  • Success-Story-LH-ALST

    Success Story - LH-ALST

    Due to a global commitment to improve their ergonomic guidelines, the company’s production plant was given the task of improving and optimizing internal logistics.

  • Success-Story-LHF-PTH

    Success Story - LHF-PTH

    A leading manufacturer in the opto-electronic and power electronic industries. In the future, lenses and semiconductor wafers will be transported on special Blickle castors throughout the customer’s clean rooms.

  • Success-Story-L-PTH

    Success Story - L-PTH

    One of the world’s leading manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company uses special transport trolleys in its production to automatically supply small parts at the assembly line.

  • Success-Story_POEV

    Success Story - POEV

    A company with quality products for floor cleaning and property maintenance. One of the leading manufacturers of cutting edge technology for interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, and property maintenance.

  • Success-Story-LPA-PATH

    Success Story - LPA-PATH

    A restaurant equipment supplier headquartered in the United States. The customer is a producer of kettle fryers, ventless fryers, heated display tables, and waste oil handing equipment.

  • Success-Story_LS-ALB

    Success Story - LS-ALB

    A leading manufacturer of transport units and logistic solutions. The expanding family company supplies almost all well-known car manufacturers.

  • Success-Story-LSFE-GST

    Success Story - LSFE-GST 304K-RI20

    A subsidiary of a technology group that specializes in the manufacturing of aircraft components.

  • Success-Story_LSOA

    Success-Story - LSOA-ALBS

    A renowned automotive manufacturer who wanted to create a standardized trailer with a special chain steering mechanism for all of their global sites.

  • Success-Story_FSB

    Success Story - FSB series

    One of the leading manufacturers in the rail & energy technologies, aerospace, and automotive industries.

  • Success-Story_LH-P

    Success Story - LH-P 222K-4PR

    A leisure and theme park. In 2015 it was one of the most visited leisure parks with about 5.5 million visitors. With a total area of approximately 10,225,700 square feet,...

  • Success-Story_SPOH

    Success Story - BSD-SPOH 256K

    A global plastics group that was originally a rubber factory. Nowadays, its products include dampening and sealing systems, as well as tires for commercial vehicles.

  • Success-Story_LS6

    Success Story - LS6 Bracket

    A major retailer of specialized tires. The company’s product range includes everything from moped tires to tubes for bicycles and tires for carriages.

  • Success-Story_LKX-SPOH

    Success Story - Heat and Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Casters

    A leading global player in the food industry. The factory primarily serves to further expand production for the Asian market...