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Swivel casters from Blickle

Swivel casters are a basic technical product that is used for practically every type of transport equipment today.  They rotate on their vertical axis and make appliances and machines manoeuvrable. A swivel caster consists of a swivel bracket and one or two wheels. Swivel casters with two wheels are known as twin wheel swivel casters.

To enable a smooth swivel motion of the fork, the wheel is generally fitted with a horizontal distance between the axis of the swivel bearing and the wheel, known as the offset. If correctly dimensioned, the offset allows a smooth swivelling of the castor without the use of additional tools. It also provides the swivel casters with directional stability when travelling straight. Swivel casters can be equipped with brake systems to lock the rotary motion of the wheel (wheel brake), the rotary motion of the wheel and the swivel motion of the fork (wheel and swivel head brake), or the swivel motion of the fork (directional lock).

To serve different types of applications, Blickle swivel casters are equipped with different fitting options, including top plate fitting, bolt holes, threaded pins or plug-in pins.

The extensive Blickle product range contains swivel casters made of steel, stainless steel and synthetics with a load capacity of up to 20,000 kg. Similarly, suitable fixed casters are also available.

Swivel casters can be principally divided into the following product groups:

Light duty swivel casters

  • Primarily for indoor use
  • For low load capacities
  • Wheel types: Rubber, thermoplastic PU, synthetics

Synthetic swivel casters

  • Primarily for indoor use
  • also available in a stainless steel version
  • Wheel types: Rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane (PU)

Steel swivel casters

  • For medium loads
  • Also for higher travelling speeds
  • Wheel types: Rubber, polyurethane, synthetics, cast iron, steel

Heavy duty swivel casters

  • For loads up to 20,000 kg
  • Welded swivel bracket
  • Also as twin caster
  • Wheel type: polyurethane

Stainless steel swivel casters

  • For use in the food production and medical sector (autoclaves)
  • Wheel types: Rubber, polyurethane, synthetics, heat-resistant wheels

Spring-loaded swivel casters

  • For vibration-free transport and smooth rolling in intra-logistics
  • For high travelling speeds
  • Wheel types: Rubber, polyurethane