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With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
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Solid rubber wheels from Blickle

Solid rubber wheels are currently used in different types of equipment for indoor and outdoor applications. For example, for intra-logistic transport equipment, machines, conveyor technology or waste containers.

Blickle solid rubber wheels are universally applicable, vibration-absorbing, offer very good floor preservation, and are resistant to many aggressive substances.

Based on the different application purposes, Blickle has developed a precisely-calibrated product range in premium quality. In addition to low-cost standard solid rubber tyres, the product range also includes wheels with high-quality elastic solid rubber treads. They are suitable for high loads and have particularly low rolling resistance.  Blickle offers solid rubber wheels with treads of various degrees of hardness and in single-component or multi-component version.  In addition to black solid rubber tires, there are also special non-marking, grey, blue or natural color versions available. Anti-static and electrically conductive solid rubber wheels complement the range.  Solid rubber tires are equipped with a choice of plain bore, roller bearing or ball bearing.

You can find a selection of solid rubber wheels from the Blickle product range here:

Standard solid rubber wheels

Two-component solid rubber wheels

Elastic solid rubber wheels