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Drive wheels from Blickle

Drive wheels are used in forklifts or other industrial trucks. They transfer the force of the engine to the floor surface and the vehicle is set in motion. Depending on the vehicle type, a differentiation can be made between front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel versions.

Blickle offers a wide selection of drive wheels in its product range. They are available with a diameter from 75 to 1000 mm and up to a load capacity of 25,000 kg. Blickle drive wheel can also be used in heavy duty applications (you can find information on heavy duty wheels here).

Wheel center and tread/tire

Wheels usually consist of a wheel center and a tread or tire, which is casted or pulled on.
The wheel centers of the drive wheels are made of rugged grey cast iron and with hub keyway according to DIN 6885. Made of mile steel, the flanged drive wheel is an exception to this. The treads usually consist of rubber or polyurethane and feature very good floor preservation. In addition, they have a low rolling resistance and low-noise operation. With flanged drive wheels, the wheels consist completely of steel, making them extremely resistant to wear.
You will find more information on the Blickle drive wheels in the product range.

Blickle drive wheel series (brief overview):

Drive wheels with solid rubber tires

  • 65° shore A hardness
  • Tire/tread with steel-band
  • Color: black

Drive wheels with "Blickle Softhane®" polyurethane tread

  • 75° shore A hardness
  • Particularly thick tread
  • Color: green

Drive wheels with 'Blickle Extrathane®' polyurethane tread

  • 92° shore A hardness
  • Standard tread
  • For universal application
  • Color: light brown

Drive wheels with “Blickle Besthane®” polyurethane tread

  • 92° shore A hardness
  • For higher speeds up to 16 km/h
  • Color: brown

Solid steel flanged drive wheels

  • Hardness 190 – 230 HB
  • Lightly oiled surface
  • extremely wear-resistant
  • Color: silver