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New Blickle US movie

With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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Your needs are our challenge.

Innovation is our business.

Reinventing the wheel: Our engineers face this task every single day. Our objective is to develop the best wheel, the best caster for all of our customer's requirements. Functionality, efficiency, durability and reliability are just as important as design, ergonomics and sustainability. The result is innovative solutions that offer our customers unique product benefits. 

We utilise the latest technology and methods including linear and non-linear FEA and work closely with established institutes to keep our engineers' innovative ideas rolling. The best example of this is our Besthane® polyurethane tread, which is setting standards for operational comfort and rolling resistance.

Whether innovative products or adjustments based on customer specifications  – our interconnected design and in-house tool making result in special solutions developed to perfection.  The high degree of integration at the Rosenfeld location also enables the production of small batch sizes at affordable prices. Frequently, just a few days pass between customer queries and finalised models or the end product. 
Many years of experience from a multitude of customer projects in a wide range of industries allow our engineers to quickly immerse themselves in the customer's challenge.

Blickle – your competent partner in development. Together, we will find a solution for complex mobility problems.